Functional Polymer/ Printed Electronics

in cooperation with Genes’Ink
  • No interaction between dispenser unit and substrate
  • Lines, curves and other structures can be printed on-the-fly
  • Ultra-low volume handling to substrates of any type

Printed Electronics is a growing field where functional polymers and conductive inks are used in electronic devices such as OLEDs, displays, solar cells, sensors, RFID-Tags, conductive lines and others.

With functional polymers, a variety of applications ranging from coatings with specific surface functionality up to fixed printed circuits can be achieved.
For printing structures such as lines, curves and complex combinations of these elements the dispenser unit can be mounted onto the Autodrop Positioning systems. The software tool allows printing imported graphical files immediately.

The know-how of microdrop enables to optimize the process of conductive ink jet printing across shape of printing structures, wetting effects between substrate and conductive material up to the point of environmental influences.
All materials will be deposited without interaction of the dispenser tip with the substrate.

Combining highly precise non-contact dispensing with ultra-low volume handling of common inks and nanoparticle-ink to substrates of any type even on flexible substrates enables the realization of many different applications as RFID, solar panels, flexible displays and printed circuits.


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