3D structures

  • Layer by layer without direct contact
  • Wide range of liquids can be dispensed, even wax
  • Substrate camera for easy identification of fiducials and recognition of structures

Rapid prototyping is a still growing technology of manufacturing various products by adding the material layer by layer. With microdrop’s products, experience and know-how heights of dots, films and columns from 50 nm up to mm (3D-printing) can be reached. A wide variety of liquids (viscosities between 1 mPas and 1000 mPas, solvent-based or aqueous, particles) allows the deposition of materials for several applications. The dispensing of wax is possible as well by using a fully heatable dispenser head.
Picoliter droplets can be dispensed contact-free, droplet by droplet.

3D Paraffin Dispensing

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