Tissue engineering and cell dispensing

  • Non-contact dispensing technology allows delicate handling of cells
  • Glass capillaries can be thoroughly cleaned
  • Automated on-the-fly dispensing of various shapes allows the printing of complex structures

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are active areas of research and a large progress has been made in this field in the last years.

State-of-the-art methods include the 3D dispensing of viable cells and biomaterial.

The artificial engineering of organs, cartilage or bones for implantation into living organisms or for laboratory testing in the area of drug discovery and immunoassays requires in most cases a scaffold as well as the correct placement of different types of cells into this scaffold. The Autodrop platforms are efficient tools for bioprinting and cell dispensing and provide scientist and physicians with a versatile automation solution

Non-Contact Dispensing of Hydrogel Growdex

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