Nano - to Microliter Dispensing

The Nanojet system is the right choice for applications where volumes from 8 nl and larger are needed to be dispensed. The Nanojet technology forms a liquid jet by means of a time/pressure-controlled dispenser system. Liquid from a pressurized reservoir is pressed into the dispenser head which consists of a micro valve and a nozzle. By opening the valve, liquid flows through the nozzle and forms a well-defined jet.

The integrated micro valve switches the jet on and off. Since the micro valve switches at a very fast rate, volumes down to 200 nl can be dispensed. The special nozzle geometry forms a laminar jet, which is stable over a wide range before breaking off into droplets. By offering different head types with piezo or solenoid valves the Nanojet Technology covers a wide range of applications.

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