Nanoliter liquid handling

  • Precise and repeatable volumes ranging from nl to µl can be dispensed
  • Drop-on-demand inkjet dispensing technology is adaptable to a large variety of liquids
          (viscosities from 0.4 mPas up to 10000 mPas, solvent-based or aqueous, particles)
  • Contact-free dispensing: no risk of cross-contamination

The handling of small amounts of liquid (in the nanoliter or microliter range) is a basic task in sample handling and testing in today’s laboratories. The automated pipetting, mixing and dispensing of various liquids is a precondition for processes such as low-volume PCR.

The microdrop pipettes and dispenser heads are ideally suited for efficient automated liquid handling processes and come with a high precision as well as a large adaptability to various liquids. 

Non-Contact Microdispensing for precise liquid handling

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